Oskin’s beetles – precious stones: sapphires, rubies, diamonds, alexandrites… and those unseen and undiscovered by others – minerals of Earth core, Universe core.
Everything in this world is connected and harmonious: in precious beetles – the arch of the sky and a scrappy rug in a village house, the temple dome and ladies’ fan! Even an ancient Greek phalanx is a sturdy beetle. Everything is woven from brilliant Oskin’s beetles. They are grateful, mysterious, aristocratic and gentle in a special way. The gentlest beetle is placed in the centre of the ornament, like a baby in a cradle.
Oskin’s precious beetles are preparing us for the transition from one time to another. In them you feel the composed love as if it is made for eternity. It feels like in a little while the Oskin’s beetle collection, his view of the world, will be transformed and sparkle with new edges and colours. And in a little longer we will become precious stones ourselves, alive, like beetles. Oskin sees a beetle as a gradient and a grip of beetles – a predawn horizon.
Artistic matrix of Oskin’s beetles is as slim and immutable as Mendeleev’s table.
You must admire beetles, as well as butterflies, as did Vladimir Nabokov. Curiously another Russian, an invincible marshal Georgy Zhukov, had a surname originated from the word beetle (in Russian «zhuk» translates to «beetle»)
It is magnificent when an artist sees the world in all its wholesomeness and indivisibility. This world is a treasure. It is the way it is seen and presented by Dimitry Oskin.